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Some pushed back in memorable ways

In some cases, the racist treatment famous people of color encounter could be classified as stranger than fiction. And at least two of the stories that follow can be classified as downright weird.

In October 1963, in Shreveport, Louisiana, legendary singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Sam Cooke, his wife, and band…

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How racial protest exposed a costly slip-up by artists in the music industry

Last year, the Grammy award-winning country band Lady Antebellum, announced a name change to show support for BLM, and that’s when the trouble began.

Decades earlier, the band had registered the name Lady A to sell their merchandise and were known by their fans as Lady A.

But Anita White…


Smoke and mirrors or real change?

The miserable economic circumstance amateur athletes may confront on a college campus is not new.

Consider the following: while in college, Olympic track and field legend Jesse Owens, due to college culture and policy, was likely malnourished while in training for the 1930s Olympics, said his biographer, professor Jacqueline Edmonson.

Music And Media, Music And Stereotypes, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Rap, hip hop, classical music, opera

In 2021, some educators use overlooked information about people of color and music history to teach youngsters about their past.

And musicians like Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste use their talent to shatter racial myths through their unique musical niche.

Mainstream media seldom shows people of color with diverse musical…

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Soda vs drinking water?

When a leading beverage industry member rode into a rural town and used up the water supply to produce their iconic soda in Mexico, no problem because the company promised to replace the water they used.

According to a recent CBS This Morning report, the beverage company supplemented the lack…


How the tax code favors and discriminates

Professor Dorothy A. Brown choose a unique career path because she thought it was free of racism. Wrong.

Recognized nationally as a tax policy scholar, the law professor discovered major racial bias in the tax code while helping her parents with their taxes.

The IRS does not collect or publish…


Racism, or cultural ignorance?

Three White women launched a startup based on their critique of the traditional Chinese game of Mahjong.

But they produced a poorly designed pricey product, angered many members of the Chinese culture, and were forced to take down their Facebook page.

Their experience is a lesson for anyone venturing into…

Who Profits?

In a recent article, I described how two security guards detained an 11-year boy after he bought a sandwich in a supermarket deli. Then the guards escalated the confrontation even though the young customer had a receipt.

So, how many in the store witnessed the confrontation and took advantage of…

Racism, Racial Injustice, Economic Inequality, Discrimination

How stereotyping created profit.

In 2021, many people including some Tulsa college students, knew nothing about the 1920s massacre and bombing of Black businesses in an area known as the Black Wall Street until recently, according to a CBS news report.

What had historically been identified as a riot began after a mob of…

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Why I Don’t Use The M-Word

Racial Microaggression: a term coined in the 1970s by Harvard psychiatrist, Chester M. Pierce M.D. to describe insulting moments for Black people.

Here’s Why I Avoid Using the Word Microaggression

For starters, a microaggression is defined as a subtle slight based on implicit or unconscious bias. And micro means small…

Dee Adams

As a former plaintiff in a 6-figure case, Dee Adams writes about overlooked issues of race, marketplace racial profiling, entrepreneurs, & consumer nightmares.

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